Vibha Galhotra
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[In]Sanity In The Age Of Reason Solo Exhibition| New Delhi | 2017|

[In]Sanity In The Age Of Reason is a series of observation, experiences and experimentation formed through the objects constructed on the bases of beliefs from the past, realities of today and imagination of future. Including film, photographs, objects, chance drawing, performance, sound and objects, the works are based on familiar and unanticipated elements.

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The Black Cloud Project, 2015

The project aims to create an awareness around air pollution by effectively creating a black cloud by flying black paper kites with the active participation of people so that one gets a sense of what it would be like to constantly live under one. 

Meri Kahani Aankhon ki Jubaani

  (A social project with a community of sex workers in collaboration with Apne Aap(Apne Aap Women Worldwide, India.) to understand the behaviours through visuals)

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu, 2016

The blindfolded walk, under the guidance of the natives, through the different sites of Kathmandu, is the artist’s effort to understand and experience the times, the structures, and the identity of the place.

Other Projects
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 Who Owns the Earth ? Installation Mixed Media, 3 mts x 30 mts 4th Land Art Biennial LAM 360°,Mongolia,2016
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ACC (Asian Culture Council) Fellow, 2017, New York
[IN]SANITY IN THE AGE OF REASON Solo Exhibiton 2017, New Delhi
Kailash Cartographies (group show) Sheila C. Johnson Design Center - Parsons School of Design/The New School, 2017, New York
Resident Fellow, Bellagio Center,
The Rockefeller Foundation
, Italy 2016 LAND ART MONGOLIA - 4th Biennial LAM 360° 2016, Mongolia
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