Absur –City –Pity –Dity
Jack Shainman Gallery, New York 2015
Sediments and Other Untitled… 
Exhibit 320, New Delhi, 2013
Alter curated by Lucie Fontane 
MK Search Art gallery, Italy-2013
Utopia of Difference 
Jack Shainman Gallery, New York 2012
Metropia SECCA North Carolina 2012

Metropia: Project88 Mumbai

Where Do We Come From? What are we? Where Are We Going? 

Between Me and Delhi 
New Delhi, India 2005

Baroda, India 2004

“Winter in America”- The School, Kinderhook, New York
“Piece by Piece”- Building a Collection, Kemper Museum of Contemporary, Kansas City, Missouri
“Walking on the Planet”, Casa Masaccio / Centro per l’arte Contemporanea, Corso, Italy
“Mise En Scène” The School, Kinderhook, NY, August – December 2014
“Past Tradition” - Curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt, Exhibit320, New Delhi
“Forms of Activism”- curated by Vivan Sundaram & Sasha Altaf, L K A, New Delhi
“Multiplicity- City as subject /Matter”, Curated by Marco Antonini, Nurture Art Gallery, New York
“Citizens of Time”, curated by Veeranganakumari Solanki, Dhaka art summit
“Bright Noise”- curated by Girish Shahane, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai
“Is there love in this air”- Art Oxygen, Mumbai – 2014,
ICASTICA “Arezzo Biennial”- Arezzo Italy
“Souvenir”-, curated by Lucie Fontane, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France
“Sculpture on the Beach”- Art Dubai, 2013. Curated by Chus Martinez
“Haein Art project’”, Curated by Art O2 Haeinsa temple, Korea
The Material Point: Reconsidering the Medium in the (Post)modern Moment, Gallery OED, Cochin, India
“Contemporary Renaissance”- Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo) Italy
“Becoming”- Colombo Art Biennale”- Sri Lanka
“Theertha International Artists Collective”- Colombo, Srilanka
“The Indian Parallax or the Doubling of Happiness”-curated by Shaheen Merali, Calcutta ,India
“Modern and Contemporary Art from India”, San Jose Museum of Art, California, USA
“India Awakening Under the Banyan Tree”- Essl Museum, Austria
“Aluminum”-, 4th BAKU Biennale, Azerbaijan
“Space Invader”- Aicon Art Gallery, London,UK
“India Xianzai”, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China,
“Best of Discovery”, Sh Contemporary , Shanghai, China
“Destination Asia: Flying over Stereotypes' Conversation: Artists from Central Asia and South Asia, Dubai
“Everywhere Is War (and rumours of war)”-, Bodhi Art, Mumbai. Curated by Shaheen Merali.
“Mutant Beauty”-, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi. Curated by Gayatri Sinha,
“Rethinking Materiality”- Gallery Espace, New Delhi
“Walk The Line”, Avanthy Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland
“Zeitgeist”, Pallete Art Gallery, India. Curated by Latika Gupta.
“City Cite Site” Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi
“Destination Asia: Non-strict correspondence”- organized by Soros Center for Contemporary Art,Kazakhstan
“Bronze”- Gallery Espace, New Delhi
“International Exchange” exhibition organized by LKA at Syria
“Brazier International Artists Workshop” UK
“Unclaimed Luggage” Artrageous Group Cyprus
“Fordsburg Artist Studio (Bag Factory)”-South Africa
“The Twilight Zone of Digital Divide” –West-end, New Delhi, India
46th National Annual Art Exhibition
International Mini print de Sarajevo
Lionel Went Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri-lanka
Bharat Bhavan Intl. Print Biennial, Bhopal
45th National Annual Art Exhibition
44th Annual National Arts Exhibition
Gut Gasteil – An organization for art in landscape, Austria
Europas Parkas, Sculptures symposium, Lithuania
Group Show at Saga Art College, Japan
Bharat Bhavan Intl Print Biennial, Bhopal
AIFACS All India Annual Art Exhibition, New Delhi
Birla Academy Annual Art Exhibition, Kolkata


Walking on the Planet,
Casa Masaccio / Centro per l’arte Contemporanea, Corso, Italy 2015

Is there Love in this Air
Art Oxygen, Mumbai 2014

Sculpture on the Beach Curated by Chus Martinez
Art Dubai, Dubai 2013.
ICASTICA Arezzo Biennial Arezzo Italy 2013
Haein Art project, Curated by Art O2 Haeinsa Temple, Korea 2013
Kathmandu International Art Festival Kathmandu Nepal 20l2
Workshop Around Khirkee village

with Urban Typhoon, Khoj, Delhi, India 2011
Aluminum- 4th Baku Biennale
Baku, Azerbaijan 2009
Best of Discovery Sh Contemporary , Shanghai, China 2008
International Sculpture workshop, ITM Universe, Gwalior, India 2008
International Exchange
Exhibition organized by LKA at Syria 2006
Unclaimed Luggage Artrageous Group
Cyprus 2005
International Mini print de Sarajevo 2004
Site specific Workshop
Samode, Jaipur, India 2004

Contemporary Renaissance,
Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)
Italy 2012
Theertha International Artists Collective,
Colombo, Sri lanka 2011
Brazier International Artists Workshop,
UK 2005
Fordsburg Artist Studio (Bag Factory)
South Africa 2004
Gut Gasteil
An organization for art in landscape Austria 2002
Europas Parkas