Orbis Unum I
wood , fabric, leather, metal,variable-2012,
Arte Contemporanea ,San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, 2012

Vibha Galhotra's art practice addresses trans-cultural in the global local specificity. She focuses on the context of displacement, nostalgia, identity, existence construction or deconstruction, the banal cultural condition in, around environment of negotiations in the new constant changing world. The work from her series 'Orbis Unum’ attempts to replace, deconstruct and dissolve the existential thought of the world of differences, religion, hierarchy, borders and power. Galhotra has drawn from the chastity of white to re-design the flags for One World, where the cultural and social symbols of geo-political places are denoted but not differentiated. She involves series of medium that range from video, flags, soil and twigs/branches in conceptual layering of this work.

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